What are barefoot shoes

Dec 15, 2021

The English word "barefoot" means barefoot or barefoot. Simply put, barefoot shoes try to mimic walking barefoot, which is natural to humans.
The foot is an incredibly perfect apparatus that is mainly adapted for walking barefoot. Our feet, on which we stand all day and which carry our weight, significantly determine our posture. . Normally worn shoes can restrain the foot, which can lead to health problems. So what can you do to feel like you are walking barefoot, but don't get dirty, hurt, or get cold… the advice is simple, just try barefoot shoes. For myself and children.


Basic rules of barefoot shoes

  1. Barefoot shoes have no tendency of the sole between the toe and the heel, so no heel, so when walking and running you have a natural posture and the foot works naturally.
  2. The toe of the shoes is wide enough to spread your toes as if you were walking barefoot.
  3. In barefoot shoes, there is no shaped insole supporting the arch, so the muscles of the entire foot and arch of the foot are strengthened and the posture of the whole body is improved.
  4. Barefoot shoes have a sole maximum 5 mm thick, which allows the foot to come into contact with the surface. It's good that the foot is constantly stimulated and the nerve impulses spread throughout the body and activate essentially the whole organism. In addition, the sole is flexible transversely and longitudinally.


And is barefoot shoes, even our knitted ones, also suitable for children?

Every pediatrician will tell you that your child should walk barefoot, as this promotes healthy feet, ankles and also healthy leg muscles. When the child runs barefoot or only in socks, he learns to tread properly and tread to the heels. And that is why we offer barefoot shoes even for the youngest children. They will not have to run completely barefoot and yet as if they were barefoot. It will not slip, which is a threat in socks and barefoot. They will not be cold on their feet, which is also a threat when walking barefoot.
All in all, children who take several thousand steps a day will be able to do them in shoes that, thanks to the knitted upper, adapt to the foot, in which the foot will not sweat and at the same time provide support for the foot.

We will discuss the suitability of barefoot footwear for children in more detail in some other article.

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