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5 pilířů na nichž stojí EEREE

5 pillars on which EEREE stands

EEREE is a social company based on five solid pillars. Pillar 1 - Ethics is a guarantee Everything we do and how at EEREE is based on ethics. Our production is ethical. Our relationship to everything living, to the environment, is ethical. Our relationship to ...

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Co je to barefoot obuv

What are barefoot shoes

The English word "barefoot" means barefoot or barefoot. Simply put, barefoot shoes try to mimic walking barefoot, which is natural to humans. The foot is an incredibly perfect apparatus that is mainly adapted for walking barefoot. Our feet, on which ...

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barefoot obuví ke zdravé chůzi

barefoot shoes for healthy walking

As an children we ran from morning to evening bare on the grass and unknowingly enjoyed the freedom. However, only a small percentage of us have this freedom of walk. For most people, it is natural to trap their feet in the imprison shoes in the morning and release them only when they come home.

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