barefoot shoes for healthy walking

Nov 22, 2021

As an children we ran from morning to evening bare on the grass and unknowingly enjoyed the freedom. However, only a small percentage of us have this freedom of walk. For most people, it is natural to trap their feet in the imprison shoes in the morning and release them only when they come home.

Barefoot footwear is becoming more and more popular, people have started to realize that by walking healthy they will gain much more than just freedom for their toes. We can talk, for example, about better regulation of body temperature or, for example, a healthy posture, which reflects a lot of benefits, one of which may be the relief of back pain.


And what is that barefoot shoe actually?

These are alternative shoes that copy the natural shape of the foot and have plenty of space in the toe. An important part is the sole, which is a maximum of 5-6 mm high. The purpose of such a thin sole is to perceive the terrain we walk on. Contact with the terrain helps us activate the muscles in the feet, and it is these muscles that send signals throughout the body so that it works properly and naturally.


– Thomas Jefferson


You may be wondering how it is with barefoot shoes and sports. We know the answer to that, too. In general, barefoot sports are recommended in many categories, here we can mention, for example, yoga. On the contrary, such running or other off-road sports is unimaginable without shoes, and that is why there are already a lot of "barefoot shoes" that protect your foot during this activity, but at the same time perform the function as if you have nothing on your feet. Our barefoot are no exception barefootsocks EEREE, which you will perceive during sports only during the protective function. You can then fully enjoy the pleasure of running or other sports.

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