5 pillars on which EEREE stands

Dec 15, 2021

EEREE is a social company based on five solid pillars.


Pillar 1 - Ethics is a guarantee

Everything we do and how at EEREE is based on ethics.
Ethical is our production.
Ethical is our relationship to all living things, to the environment.
Ethical is also our relationship to the health of our customers,

Ethical is the first pillar of our existence.


Pillar 2 - Sustainability, a better life for future generations

The meaning of the word sustainability is defined in a UN report by the so-called Brundtland Commission in 1987 as follows: "Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs." We don't care what the world and life in it will look like in the future. That is why we only use materials that are completely degradable or 100% recyclable in nature. The technologies used do not pollute the environment in any way and it is a matter of course to separate ordinary waste throughout the company, in all its operations.

Sustainability is the second pillar of our business.


Pillar 3 - Opening the eyes means changing old patterns (changing gait, changing lifestyle)

We want our and our customers' lifestyles to focus on health, interest in ecology and the future, but we are also trying to change the view of people with handicappbecause our products come mostly from the work of people with health problems.

Changing old formulas is the third pillar of our existence.


Pillar 4 - Smile for animals, the right to life

The Czech Republic has extinct or highly endangered species on its account. They are critically endangered in our country wild cat, ground squirrel, white stork and several species lizards and newts.
And because EEREE is social company, who feel the need to lend an imaginary helping hand to those who can't help themselves.

Pomoc živým tvorům žít a nejen živořit je čtvrtým pilířem naší existence.


5. pilíř – Hrdost na práci českých rukou a maximální soběstačnost

Tradice ševcovského řemesla a obuvnictví v českých zemích vůbec, sahá až někam do 16.století. Taková tradice přímo vybízí k následování. Každá bota nesoucí značku EEREE je kompletně vyrobena v České republice.

Hrdost na tradice a pokračování v nich je pátým pilířem naší existence.

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